This is my last post on this forum. I have a lot to offer about Evolution, Creation and the Bible that would open many mainstream thinker?s eyes but I can see that this is not a receptive forum broaching on a hate site, by a few, towards anything remotely biblical.

I would like to say to those of you who do look into the Word of God that you must do so bearing in mind the seven dispensations of time and the eight covenants of God. If this is not done then you will only gain a secular and humanistic view of the Bible, which is what has happened on this forum. If so you will misinterpret, see ambiguity all because of the lack of understanding the dispensational truths.

Immediately, people jump onto the religious wheel and automatically assume that the Catholic System is somehow Christian. You have to be kidding. Religion makes a worse mess of the scriptures than atheists do. The fact is no religion leads to salvation and all are abhorred by the One True God of the Bible. You don?t have to read too deeply to see that.

On a closing note, I always thought that science was the observation of things happening. I fail to see how anyone can claim millions of years of evolution especially as no one was there to witness it? But God was there in the beginning! Even Charles Darwin said that his entire evolutionary mold rests on a transitional fossil record that does not exist.

Cheers folks there are other forums and people who are interested. No one asked one question here about science embedded into scripture. What a terrible blight to withstand so much pride and bear hostile towards the very One who breathes live into you without a fair hearing.

Regards - Rod