" vague reply with pompous overtones"
Part of it was general and part of it was VERY specific; i.e. the comparison of our knowledge of evolution to our knowledge of photons. Yes, I admit my tone was pompous. It was intended to express irritation, but yes, it was probably pompous as well.

" Do you truly think creation scientists have not done their home work "
Yes. I do. Trampling over the planet does not equate to doing one's homework. I have spoken with numerous creationists over the years. More importantly, I have read probably more creationist literature than I have evolution science. So, yea, I think I get the gist of where they're coming from.

I was using ansersingenesis as an example. There is a plethora of anti-darwinian sites on the web and most of them are feeding from the same sources - ICR, papers by Morris, Gish, Behe, Wells, Dembski, and other pseudo-scientists. It's all the same copiously refuted nonsense that they've always put forth. They put on the site messages for guys like you: "Now you will be reviled and called an idiot and among other things, but here's the FACTS you can present to them." Knowing full well that none of the true believers will check too closely.

The answers are not "in genesis" or any other religious reference manual. The answers are in the library. Use it.