I have read the book in several English versions and a few German versions. There are differences in translations, but God killed those who mistranslated it with the plauge of old age.

One simple error was the account of Paul's vision. In one case those with him saw a light and didn't hear anything, in the other, they heard a voice but didn't see anything. Probably an editing error.

I don't think God interferes that much with life, the rules of the universe are set. We use science and wisdom to discover what those rules are. The Bible contains a lot of wisdom, but not much on science. And, heaven help us, some books are much better than others in the wisdom category. As you recall, Yesua was quoted as saying: "you have heard it in the past an eye for an eye, but I say unto you" (proceeds to teach forgiveness and love) So he was going against Moses? law of retribution.

The bible will always remain an important part of humanity. But it is not a mystical book with every line having hidden meaning, and especially not in the English version where young woman is translated as virgin because the council of Nicene elevated her to "The mother of God". And then there is the brother of Yesua is only his cousin because that would cause doctrine problems for Mary to have more than one child. (That one has been corrected in many English versions now "James the brother of Jesus".)