Written 760 BC in times of declension and apostasy in Israel.

You're saying you think we have ORIGINAL text - text that was written by the authors themselves and not just stuff that was copied from scribe to scribe?
The original texts naturally could be copied from scribe to scribe and translated incorrectly. But do you think the author of the Bible, Elohim (God the Creator) would allow His Word to be mistranslated? Of course not.

Humour me for this next sentence. If God can create the complexity of life such as the Wombat or Bombardier beetle, then keeping His Word in tact would be a simple task.

The scribes He selected to write down His Word did so under the guidance of the Holy Spirit not under the hands of infallible man. The skeptic, who we all are at some point, can test the accuracy of scripture firstly through linking all 66 books together, which is quite a study.

Or apply the numerical division and multiplication of the numbers 777 and 888 to the Hebrew and Greek texts. The original Greek is the Textus Receptus.