"I think we can all say that we are one with nature. That there is some grand meaning behind this existence....POSSIBLE...but unprovable.

My question is.....If there's no way to factually prove the existence or non-existence of meaning behind life....then which is the healthier belief? If I HAD to make a choice to believe or not to believe and there's no proof for either perspective....statistically, which viewpoint supports a healthier, happier life? Which is good for me? I'm leaning towards believing in something as a healthier choice.

In Rob's example, the way that someone convinced that life is pointless lives a happier life is in the feeling that they have not been conned or duped, that they are somehow smarter than the believers."

An excellent post! I personally would rather know the truth, no matter what. The knowlege that I know the truth is extremely satisfying and I prefer satisfaction over fun -or anything really.

But then, there's no way to really and truly know if something is true. So, actually, self-delusion is the way to go! But I just can't do it.