"Every year the truth changes depending upon the sample."
You guys really got me here..:-))
I also think I was too harsh on Stats.
You see the observation over limited period and limited space has its own limitations and therefore one should very careful while generalizing Scienctific Truths.Something like
"Scientists don't differ in their conclusions."
can easily be replaced by
"Scientists can differ in their conclusions over a period of time."

Things can change especially if it is statistical in nature.
Morgan was too critical of me for nothing.
He wants answer to this:
"Something that truly violated the laws of physics."
Everything is magical till you understand it.
For example Physics has really started learning some new facts which some religion claimed to have known for thousands of years.
How did they come to know?
Its a magic till you dont get into their domain and find that it is no magic at all!!

"Different football game with different teams often leads to different scores and a different number of fans in the bleachers. That is not a science experiment ... that is an observation."

That was pure nonsense. The red color observation was made scietifically and it can be taken as an actionable statistical information for improving the chances.But not everyone believes in this observation otherwise we will have red army everywhere.:-))