DA Morgan:
You did not read one word of my post. What has English or the Latin to do with the Hebrew Scriptures? I do not believe you know a single Hebrew scholar, not one. You write from a scant knowledge of ecumenical religious claptrap.

The Ten Commandments, which you will find are 613 commandments, have never been a subject of mistranslation. The priests you refer to are religious people only interested in man's word about God. The rabbi generation you speak about removed chapter 53 of Isaiah. Why do you think that was?

The original texts are in existence! And no my source and learning does not come from the KJV version. The Hebrew texts I speak about are protected by an ingenious mathematical formula, which can be scientifically tested by anyone and has been by many scientists. Other famous literally pieces including the Apocrypha do not pass the number protection. Why do think that is?

But whatever I say as a lead up to some very conclusive evidence of science in the Bible you will continue to reply with uneducated rejections and an obvious limited knowledge on the subject.

Maybe I should start up a post with a more precise statement!