BTW, I used to be a Baptist and a creationist.

In middle school I frequently argued with proclaimed atheists.

By end of HS, I was pretty much confused by the issue and had no firm opinion on the subject, believing as many creatonists assert that evolution and creationism were both equal theories.

Then I got hung up on an issue - thermodynamics - that seemed to refute evolution. But when I looked into it, I discovered that not only was it not an issue, but that the creationists had grossly misrepresented the subject. I was furious at the deceit and resolved to look into other things. The entire case of creationism is not based on evidence for it, on disproofs of evolution. In case after case I examined on the subject, I discovered that they had misrepresented things - often in very sneaky ways.

I have come over the years to see them as divided into two groups: the intelligentsia and the common creationist. The "lay" creationist is just like I was at one time - deluded into thinking he understood what he did not. They are honest, but mistaken. And don't know enough to figure out they're mistaken. The creationist intelligentsia, however, is really, imo, a bunch of liars.

Many of my fellow evolutionists think I'm being melodramatic - they think these guys are just incompetent. I agree that most of them are speaking beyond their areas of expertise. But I'm convinced they have made a conscious and calculated attempt to deceive people who trust them.