Oh good word, I will go with that one in future.

I tend to use that with results in science but obviously it means the same thing when used with people and their views.

Unfortunately using words not specifically for "humans" is actually an insult to Samarkand. I have seen that particular objects do it in English, I love when people call each other "wet mops" that carries the same context to me translated or not.

I understand racism very well as I am Caucasus. An African or Afro-American would face less racism than me in Russia, despite my heritage being neither Arabic/Muslim my language is enough. Google "Caucasus racism" should give you a good splattering of hate sites. Please do not mix up Caucasus meaning all Caucasian like many do .. here is a prime example of a naive American. It's a regional thing, a White American would not face the same problem

In Russia, the term Caucasian is a collective term referring to anyone descended from the native ethnicities of the South Caucasus and North Caucasus.

Strangely one of our strongest terms of endearment translates to "I want to eat your liver". The root of why I occasionally hear in English as well, with the expression "you look good enough to eat". The best bit to eat of any animal in many cultures is the liver and now you have the full context of what the expression means.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.