I have decided to give this forum one more try after all that has been said.
I want to get back to the core objections of Orac because I believe he is not alone in making them. The main one is that he maintains that Born rigidity is not compatible with relativity.
Now this is not one of the core tenets of relativity. It is derived from the belief that no physical body could exhibit Born rigidity - all bodies must yield to sufficient pressure. This is certainly true in everyday experience, but that is no good guide to what happens inside a black hole. Here we do have exceptional circumstances. The forces must already be somewhat greater than those that sustain a neutron star, otherwise the black hole would not have formed. All I am asking is that you accept this as a remote possibility at this stage, rather than asserting that my ideas are not worth investigating further because I do not understand basic relativity.

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Dave Proffitt