You are trying to make the EH and inside special but the accelerator experiments at very close to the speed of light show nothing has changed.

So whats your logic that anything at the event horizon is different?

There simply is no justification for treating anything at or inside the EH differently just because relativity says from one frame time appears to stop. We see that behaviour in lots of places and there is nothing unusual about it. When you run across the problem time appears to stop you just take a different reference frame to get around the illusion, you don't suddenly start believing the illusion is real. The fact we can identify other frames and see that time is fine tells you it's an illusion.

It's like the pole and barn paradox the fact the pole is 20m long doesn't stop it fitting in a 10m barn at 0.9c because your 20m was measured in one reference frame and now you are talking about another. You can argue it won't fit because you measured it all you like, but science and experiments say it would.

The forces at the EH aren't even exceptional compared to places like inside a neutron star surface. The force behaviour is actually really strange but understandable when you look at the formulas. Small black holes are actually worse than big ones which defies your idea smile

So you completely lost me how or why you justify treating it different ... from a science point of view it looks like a random choice.

So we keeping coming back to why do you treat anything at or inside the EH special?

The second question is why do you refuse to look at the other frames of reference?

You are like the guy standing there with your tape measure saying the pole was 20m long and the barn 10m ... we agree but it doesn't change the fact it will fit in the barn at 0.9c

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