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Surely this apparent stopping of time is only in the reference frame of a distant observer. It would not occur for an observer at the event horizon.

Bingo Bill S you have worked it out he thinks it is real in an absolute frame reference smile

You know the story from the torture I put you thru with a photon view of universe and really understand it. Now you see why people get confused and lost because of classic physics.

You are correct time is running normally for the infalling observer because in GR we are allowed to have to observers not agree on the same observations. That is what is freaking him out and he has pulled the old "god" frame of reference and let the humour begin.

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Would that not mean that it is inaccurate to say that time stops at the EH? Any two points on the EH could move relative to each other, but not in the reference frame of a distant observer.

No he really thinks that time stops at the EH and that is his justification for being able to break the laws of SR/GR inside it.

Read the comment about his justification carefully he has "reality" and "observation" as the same thing. The confusion leads directly to his theory.

Think about it time has stopped at the black hole EH and can't collapse any further because all your forces must stop as time is stopped. You must also have a solid because nothing can move because time is really stopped. He doesn't have the background to understand that isn't what a solid is and probably more correctly it should be called a "Dave Rigid". It actually isn't even a Born Rigid Body although it shares some common properties basically because time has stopped.

So when he says time has stopped he means it in an absolute frame reference manner. Get why we have no EM or nuclear forces in his black hole but can still have a solid according to his thinking.

So it's obvious you therefore face plant into a "Dave Rigid" at the event horizon and you didn't violate GR/SR... that is the logic.

Think about it in his mind you can't move inside the EH there is no time there how can one move at all.

Oh man don't tell me classic physics can't lead you seriously up the garden path. You know the other half of the story and without understanding there is no chance to convince him.

LOL he is probably wondering why we don't get it as it's so logical, nothing hard about black holes smile

I vote Bill G is the man to explain it all to him. I am not doing the Pole-Barn paradox with Dave I would rather slash my wrists.

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