So we are not the first to tell you that you do not understand relativity at all?

So why don't you go and learn GR properly, you are not the usual uneducated or religious types that inhabit science forums and it isn't that hard?

Yes you will get berated if you refuse to learn and want to keep dribbling that stuff on a science forum and you deserve it.

You can't really stop time you would get a big rip effect only it would be an instant rip rather than the cosmological slow version. What happens next wouldn't be pretty lets say it all ends badly for us.

When the size of the observable universe becomes smaller than any particular structure, no interaction by any of the fundamental forces (gravitational, electromagnetic, weak, or strong) can occur between the most remote parts of the structure. When these interactions become impossible, the structure is "ripped apart".

That is exactly what you are describing in the middle of your black hole. The observable universe becomes smaller than any particular structure (it actually becomes zero in your theory), the fundemental forces stop (you realized and told me that). What you missed is the structure of space itself then gets ripped apart, instead you freeze everything still like in the movies. Sorry Quantum Mechanics is going to spoil your day and rip every piece of spacetime you stopped time in apart. No frozen solid a gapping tear in the fabric of spacetime.

So the bit the movies leave out when they freeze time is the one where that patch of space they froze then literally rips itself apart.

Guess but a reasonable one is that your instant rip will then spread out until it consumed the entire universe.

You don't have a born rigid solid in your theory you have an "instant rip" in the middle. Fortunately as you violate SR/GR in the first place your version of a black hole could never form and we can all sleep safe in our beds.

So the hint here is whenever you get time being stopped or zero in GR pick another frame of reference as that isn't a global reality but something specific to the frame of reference you have chosen .... you need to be comfortable time can't really stop QM says so. Basically it's telling you there is a problem with your reference frame, all frames are equally valid so pick another one.

The most common way you get this is trying to pick a frame of reference at the speed of light itself, like the photon view of the universe.

That is all that is happening at the event horizon you get time stopping in some reference frames, it isn't a global truth and other reference frames won't see it like that.

If you picked the infalling observer he doesn't see time stop at all, he just has really weird observations as he looks at the universe. See time is perfectly fine and he sails on thru the event horizon (at least in GR) until he gets dies a horrible stretched death.

So no time was not really stopped or harmed in any way. One observer sees time stopping, another observer sees time normal but weird observations. We can calculate why they disagree and yeah it's strange but perfectly expected.

Given that it sounds like you have form of websites, I guess you will stubbornly refuse to try and work out the details and we will all just have to start ignoring you.

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