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The danger of sticking with established theory because everyone of notes says it is so, is that it leaves one stuck in the days of plogiston and the ether. I am not suggesting that the opposite is true, but the only reason to stick to an existing view is because the underlying theory shows it to be correct, and experiment confirms it. Don't have an unduly open mind but never close it entirely.

The problem comes back to if such a thing could happen then relativity falls as a theory, as it is built on this. As black holes are only a prediction of relativity and only relativity then lets just say black holes don't exist then shall we smile

See the problem you face, you can't rely on a theory on one hand to predict the black hole, and then pull a central tenant out and say it's all ok with hand waving.

You want a born rigid body in the middle of a black hole you can't use relativity and we have no black holes ... the end.

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