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But what about neutron stars? Do they only exist for 15 minutes?

As I said QM stops it by conservation of energy and the electron-degenerate pressure.

Problem is nicely summed up here

The big problem is when you take a neutron inside a black hole what mechanisms are available to stop the decay smile

Historical detail related to this:

So your question you need to think about:
What stabilizes neutrons against beta decay in a black hole in your theory?

You won't easily find a standard science answer on that with google this is getting a little QM specific and very layman unfriendly. So I will give you a lead in hint for it's treatment under QM

Hint: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QCD_matter

"The strength of the color force makes the properties of quark matter unlike gas or plasma, instead leading to a state of matter more reminiscent of a liquid" ..... Oh Oh there goes the Born Rigid Solid again smile

Since your theory does away with all this I guess we can stop work and research on it, I just need the full theory.

Can I take a guess at the real problem here, that you didn't know that classic physics died 100 years ago, it's a reasonable approximation so we still teach it ... but we know it's wrong. You live in a Quantum universe and you can't answer these problems in classical physics.

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