He isn't going to get this Bill S it's the same issue as when you try to be a photon. All your classical physics will tell you time has stopped and you will chase your tail.

What he hasn't realized is he has expressly broken relativity he has put an absolute zero frame on the outside observer. They now control time and define what time is.

What he is neglecting and doesn't get is the infalling observer see none of that time most definitely doesn't stop for them. He won't and can't accept that smile

It's really funny you see people do this time and time again.

To try and show him how broken has has made relativity all you can do is try two observers moving at a fraction the speed of light say 0.2c and 0.4c looking at the person infalling and ask him to choose which controls time. What he will do then is try an install a third stationary observer again and tell you the new stationary observer controls and defines time and work everything from there. He will try and create an absolute space and time (zero frame reference) every time and doesn't even realize it.


It's like the detail on the black hole interior, it's a time frozen patch of space in his idea not a born rigid body. He isn't being careful with detail, to him those two things are the same and he will argue it. Think about a naive layman stupid description of a solid it's something that doesn't move, and he is using that definition in a science argument. Apparently you can freeze time it doesn't cause any problems, things just get frozen solid and classic physics says a photon sees no time so you are on good solid ground.

Hey I have seen that on countless TV shows it works to every layman ... stop time you get frozen solid laugh

The answer is he has completely broken SR/GR in so many ways it hurts. However ask him and his theory is completely compatible with SR/GR and he will insist it is.

I am bailing from the conversation he is like Bill G he knows enough classical physics to get him into trouble but not enough to get him out and too pig headed to just listen to the real problem. I can't help people who don't want to be helped and we can clearly see the issue.

Notice you got the problem and very fast and it flew straight over the top of Bill G's head all he could do was criticize me. You have come along way in your science understanding and journey.

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