I am not a physicist. I cannot judge whether a post is right or wrong in its theoretical grounding. I just meant that the forum is open to anyone who wants to discuss physics and whatever the source it is not good to whack at people without telling them why they are wrong. If you have a logical argument why someone is wrong, put it forth. Just don't start calling names and hurling insults in with the debunking. I'm sorry if I didn't phrase it the best I could have. I certainly expect this Physics forum to stick to Physics topics. Other topics can be discussed on other branches of the forum. Just stick to debunking, and leave out the personal comments. That's what I mean when I ask for respect. I don't mean that bunk theories are to be unchallenged. Just do it with some courtesy and don't call anyone a name you would not want to be called yourself.

I'm not a professional moderator, I didn't go to moderator school. I'm learning this by the seat of my pants, and am having some rather intense personal events right now. I mean to say that I want to run this forum as a polite place where people can post their theories and have them politely discussed and the merits tested. By all means point out fallacious theories and correct the incorrect points as they stand. Just don't get personal.
If you don't care for reality, just wait a while; another will be along shortly. --A Rose