AR2 did you actually read the posts and it's context?

I was using the word racist in the context of a reference frame. Again that lack of English thing ... wrong word !!!!

It has the right meaning but you don't use it for non human context, I got that now. Bill S and Pokey were offering me correct words, which were discriminatory and biased. I settled on biased which I will use of future, however it reads strange to me.

My native language which is closely related to Arabic

We don't use that word as an adjective, even in Arabic they would use the word tendentious or prejudice.

If I translate "someone has a biased view", naively I would think you meant they were facing looking in a particular direction. Now I know what it means the translation sort of makes sense.

The language Lemma's between English and Arabic are very different.

I would like to complain about your consistency. I am berated for using a wrong word yet it took a petition by a group of us to get you to act of postings that claimed the Holocaust didn't happen. You similarly dragged your feet with racist posts from PreEarth. I am not sure you should be lecturing me on things about racism as that was not a choice of word issue but complete lack of sensitivity and understanding on your part.

Now I made this mistake once before using the taboo word "sanity". Since it was pointed out it had bad context have I ever used it? I am sure I can manage to avoid using the word "racism" ever again in a similar fashion now I am aware. The subtleties on taboo context is not something easy to pick up in languages.

Bill S has also pointed out my use of the word stupid in places is offensive, which sometimes was not what was intended (not always). I more correctly mean sometimes mean "naive" so I have another word substitution that I am trying to keep in mind.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.