Actually I deleted my big post of answers ... I was going to answer every point but it really is pointless Dave is off to crackpot land ... and it's probably best I just let him go. Science will blissfully ignore him another in a long line of crackpots going to change physics and to naive to know better.

Sidebar: Could I have used "wet behind the ears" as humour or would it come out as an insult?

So which will get the Nobel first Dave or Marosz? laugh

I bet the monster Bill S will see the problem with each and every statement which is either completely wrong or totally misguided and/or both. He could of at least get the acronyms right smile

Dave still has not even got his head around the fact that he is violating GR in every way possible ... every scientist just pulls their hair and cringes. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry when he does it.

Do you see the common theme which I used to pick Rede, Bill G and "old days Bill S" off on, he is trying to sort of ignore stuff he doesn't understand and using his classical schoolbook physics to solve the problem. There is living proof of why we have to revamp the school physics teaching and bring it up to date and dump some of the old classical physics.

I don't think Bill G is quite as bad as Dave, I suspect he would quickly work out the frame of reference issue (he has read Kip Thorne). Bill G would fall down at the event horizon, his default is to drop back to classical physics and that has some nasty surprises. You can get away with semi classical, so long as you actually understand the proper landscape. Do you see the common theme, they steadfastly hang onto classical physics for dear life and stubbornly refuse to look it's problems. That is why from a teaching point you really have to kick the classic physics crutch out and get them to deal with it.

Can I ask Bill S at what point did it all drop into place and start making sense?

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.