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I only said GR fails at the central singularity of a black hole - not in my understanding but in the currently accepted theory of black holes. In my development, GR is never broken. It is this fact that for me that confirms it's truth.

You did mathematics and you use that layman or religious crazy trash terms?

Lets be precise GR simply tends to an infinite singularity or an infinite discontinuity along with almost every other physics that exists or ever existed ... why would bother to single out GR?

I can only think of one glaring physics theory example of something that if fully continuous because it actually has only one answer which is a defined number.

In QM, Born's rule states the sum of the squared moduli of the probability amplitudes of all the possible states is equal to one and explicitly one. Weirdly you can't derive the answer in any meaningful way other than say it is that. Those who believe in Everett's multiverse may say they can but the stupidity has all been debunked many times and you can't (it was revived recently by Sean Carroll in a crackpot blog post).

Every other theory you care to name will have an end at an infinite discontinuity I am pretty sure. I was thinking about all the classical physics laws and I can't think of any that are fully continuous.

Try it yourself even the basics like F=MA fails and is undefined at t=0. Force is the change in momentum over time so as time goes to zero you either can't measure anything or your answers will go to an infinite discontinuity depending on the situation.

So in classic physics some people are usually happy to say that you can't instantly change directions when moving or you would create an infinite force and blow yourself and the universe up ... so they generally use common sense and say it is impossible to do. You on the other hand say all things have to be possible so the good old Newtons laws are another fail case.

Some things are impossible in physics and they usually end at infinite discontinuities at least to normal people.

However for you, I guess all of physics and the universe ultimately fails smile

So my question to you is why worry about a singularity in GR, but not worry you may instantly turn around one day, create and infinite force and blow yourself and the universe up? That is what the formula says can happen and isn't that a big problem?

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.