I looked at quark stars but I understood that they had generally been dismissed.
As for expectations for the future - well anyone's guess. So you are saying I should wait for some undiscovered theory to put me right. When that day comes I will withdraw everything.
If there really was a force similar to neutron binding energy but leading to a more dense state, can you explain why the density of large black holes gets less and less?
I do not truly believe that infinity or time standing still is a reality - what we have is an unbounded variable that is increasing without limit. It may become infinite if we wait an infinite time, but that will never happen. But the maths for dealing with this are fairly well understood, and as long as we are not expecting the impossible to happen, so is the physics. Anyway keep scanning the scientific press. Researchers have been looking for such a new theory for some 50 years, so far with no success, just more and more bizarre predictions.
Dave Proffitt