Yes it will collapse it you keep going but if you are in a speculative mode.

Get it there is expected to be a collapse state in QM even denser than a neutron star held up by QCD degeneracy.

That what those big relativistic colliders are doing like RHIC.

This stuff doesn't make glossy science media because people just don't understand it because this stuff doesn't look anything like normal matter layman know about.

Whats beyond that well we will know that when we get there.

So actually you went from a neutron star to a black hole and see that is most likely wrong there is probably another step after a neutron star held up by QM forces.

So you missed the possibility of a Quark star

It gets worse ... you can take QM pretty much up to near the big bang .... see the importance of trusting QM smile

The trick is predicting what they will look like and how they behave so we can try and look for them ... hence the colliders.

Again you need to understand the important details if you are really wanting to theorize in this area and that is way beyond what is written in glossy media sites.

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