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If time stops in my reference frame, this is what I measure.

Of course, what you measure is your reality and you have as much right as anyone to claim that your measurement is correct. What, as far as I am aware, you can't do is claim that your reality is valid outside your F of R. You can claim that your measurement is correct in your F of R, but not in the F of R of the object you are measuring.

The following is an extract from my notes of a few years ago.

"Perhaps what popular science books tend to present as a problem is, in reality, nothing more than a recurrence of Zeno’s paradox. If we consider the situation from the point of view of the outside observer as an example of asymptotic decay, in which the infalling object is not simply stuck for ever in the same state, but is gradually vanishing, with its progress being recorded by an asymptotic curve, then, in theory, it would never actually vanish, but in reality, like Zeno’s arrow, it would come to a conclusion. In other words, it would vanish, and time would not actually stop. This seems to be the simplest explanation, and the simplest may well be the best."
There never was nothing.