What it is showing you is that what appears as time stopped isn't from another observer.

We aren't talking about a few microns here because of the distortions the distance of disagreement is going to be hundreds of meters possibly kilometers.

So how can a point one observer (A) says is time stopped be such if another observer (B) sees time at that point?

Seriously this isn't hard it must therefore be an illusion and you can run the obvious argument it must therefore be an illusion to everyone because there is no obvious frame that is correct .... it's a rainbow we see them all the time smile

Mundanely we can create the effect in particle accelerators and it isn't hard to understand when you can actually measure stuff properly. You are ignoring we can create the effect here on earth and measure it.

The particles in the LHC are doing 99.9999991% the speed of light and yeah time to them appears almost stopped only it isn't is it smile

Using your logic we would take the particle frame of reference and it tells us time is stopped here on earth and expect me to believe you. There is the effect right in front of you and it is an illusion isn't it or is your time really stopped?

From the protons in the LHC time is stopped but for me standing here it isn't. Proof that just because time appears to stop to a frame of reference it doesn't happen globally.

So I guess I should ask how do you know you are not standing on the event horizon edge Dave ... prove it to me?

Your argument is FAIL after FAIL, it is obvious you can show the effect is an illusion because we can identify frames in which it is obviously wrong.

Now on most proper physics forums you will get banned for basically gross stupidity if you continued beyond this. We don't have that policy here we generally just note you as a crackpot and ignore you, a policy I am about to take.

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