Dave I just read a couple of your publications and no wonder they get ignored they contain this

The singularity that exists at the event horizon

Where are you getting this idea from ... explain?

All I can think confused you is the famous conjecture (called cosmic censorship) that every singularity is within an event horizon (It still doesn't say is exactly at the event horizon). That is also a very challenged conjecture and there are many known solutions to Einstein's Equations in GR where that is not the case.

The most famous example of the above is the naked singularity

See a singularity without an event horizon at all and you will note we are dealing with a spinning black hole.

I was wondering where you got the idea from so I tried googling the exact phrase "singularity that exists at the event horizon" and no surprise to me that your publication is the only match.

When we get thru all that we are going to need to talk about Birkhoff’s theorem because you have some real issues understanding it.

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