If you want a really detailed analysis leave it to a string theorist who study all these sorts of things


I have to agree with Lubos the paradox's that would open up if such a things was possible means you might as well throw all physics out.
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A simple Internet search finds lots of pages, books, and papers that say that perfectly rigid bodies aren't allowed according to relativity. But for certain reasons, this obviously true, fundamental, and catchy slogan isn't generally known and appreciated and if you say it and watch the reactions, you might even think that it's controversial! It's crazy.

I think that one reason why many laymen including third-class physicists don't like the correct answer is that the answer says that "one can't do something". They prefer the moronic "yes we can" answers to every question, even if these answers are incorrect.

The amount of stupidity and lack of understanding around basic physics on the internet at times is breath taking.

So please don't ever put a born rigid body in the middle of a black hole (worse still a rotating one) and try and tell me it is compliant with Einstein's relativity .... that is a lie.

So your theory is compliant with SR/GR up to the event horizon then takes a sharp left turn, breaks into Dave's physics on the interior which no-one but Dave can understand.

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