Orac Thanks so much for taking the time to look at some of my work. As you have made quite a lengthy post I will stick to the two main points.
First you seem to have a problem with my expression "The singularity that exists at the event horizon". By this I mean the mathematical singularity in the Schwarzschild metric - what is described in Gravitation (Misner, Thorne, Wheeler) as "the Schwarzschild singularity". As this seems to have caused confusion, I will change my use on the website to their usage. As for physical singularities, I fail to fully accept the notion that they can ever exist without associated and unresolvable paradoxes.
The second point is that you would appear to advocate ignoring the Schwarzschild solution and working solely with the Kerr solution. I fully accept that non-rotating black holes probably do not exist in nature, but the Schwarzschild solution is a mathematically valid solution to the Einstein field equations and to fail to take advantage of this fact in achieving a solution for all black holes would be perverse and probably not achievable, at least by me. In this I am following a well-trodden path followed by every graduate text on black holes that I have come across. In fact I would have thought the commonest approach in all theoretical physics.
I should also add that if you had persevered to the fifth page of the website, I do extend the solution given to the Kerr solution, so I hope you are now happy with this.
Dave Proffitt