The monster Bill S vs hawking radiation.

As you have started everything from first principles strangely you actually will get the problems, where sometimes we have trouble with scientists who haven't built the full picture.

To deal with the problem properly you need to take QFT in very close to the event horizon so we have quantum fields propagating in the vicinity of an event horizon and crossing it. Remember from before those fields can carry momentum as well as the particles themselves (our insight from Feynman) and so we now have QM time meets classical time head on.

Worse still we have energy either side on the horizon and for some calculations in the classical physics of GR/SR, energy will be in or out of the system depending how you select.

Essentially I think you will agree the obvious and natural frame of reference to choose is the QM field itself because it cleanly crosses the boundary and must or bad things happen .... remember from stopping time discussion. Lets just say there are some from the classical GR/SR background who don't like that choice and unfortunately most of the time due to lack of understanding rather than a technical point.

You can get massive problems with any classical frame of reference just because of the quantum field itself, it is like trying to understand the double slit experiment all over again.

Lubos being Lubos does a pretty good summation here

The bottom line is Hawkings semi-classical description accurate and our answer from a pure QM standpoint is YES.

So our hand waving was ok and we are satisfied that the classical answer approximation is in agreement with a QM field frame of reference.

Now you can probably guess what goes wrong with the so called "firewall event horizon" idea and it will appear like that because they will have energy coming from "nowhere". Given a bad choice of reference frame in classical physics it's pretty obvious what they will end up arguing, with energy originating inside the horizon transporting across horizon in the field and then suddenly appearing in their reference frame. The energy isn't going anywhere it's just the normal quantum energy of spacetime and it's fields (like every other point in spacetime) but a decision to put a rather arbitrary classical line across it makes the artifact. Suddenly the energy of the quantum fields appears out of nowhere and you haven't had to account for the fact it disappeared from inside the horizon.

Energy and flames, I see energy and flames smile

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