I am trying very hard to improve my English and what people sometimes see as rude is actually poor word choice. I fell foul of that earlier in this discussion. I have been told I come across very blunt and forceful, to me it just reads what it is supposed to say, tone in language for someone it isn't natural and I find very hard.

With Dave I looked at his idea tried, to get him to see the problems and when it was obvious he was never going to actually look the problems just fix the one obvious false claim. I actually could not care a less what Dave believes my problem was he was blatantly breaking relativity and claiming he wasn't.

Sorry that is a bit like claiming you are Jewish but you eat pork and attend Muslim church services, it is pretty black and white.

I then quizzed him about surely he had been told this by other people. I can't have been the only one who noticed and generally on a science site it gets you banned. So I was trying to be less confrontational and it wasn't just me being picky. I should have done the search first but he was so convincing, well you know the rest it blew up in my face.

I hope you noticed I even tried to just post my reasons for leaving the conversations, ignore him and walk away but that just made him more cross at me.

My problem I am having with your post above is are we a science forum and this a physics section or is it something else?

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A more positive attitude and courtesy will go a long way to helping this forum stay open as a place for free discussion of practically anything at all

Okay sorry I wasn't aware of that change from a physics forum you caught me with that one.

On an actual physics forum a moderator would have told him please don't make that claim it is blatantly wrong. Presumably he would accept that or leave and I saw that on other sites when I followed the search. I am sorry, I can't accept a physics forum that can't and won't make even the most black and white criteria of science and this will descend into chaos.

I have no intention of being the Jew that is arguing with the pork eating Muslims that they aren't Jewish.

I will therefore say my goodbye to all.

Bill S good luck with your quest to mysteries and infinities of life smile

My parting suggestion for you Bill S is follow the first 20 min of this:

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.