Paul you would also be wrong in thinking I care what you make of me or say of me, I don't care if you are nice or not. As I said I am sure many students have said far worse than what you could.

I am not here to be popular but I am ever so logical and questioning and I try to be honest in my evaluations of those two traits sometimes brutally so.

So back to the task at hand the jewish definition is interesting I have no problem with the bits you have highlighted but what about the bits you haven't highlighted agree of diasagree?

You may not think it is important but I will show you why it is .. the jewish have it in there for a reason.

The other question still unanswered is what is the roll of being able to breed in your answer. The answer above does not really answer that do species have to be able to breed with each other or doesn't that matter?

If you look carefully at the jewish answer they arrive at

=>God does allow some interbreeding within the kinds, they are not always able to propagate

Hence the mules in Genesis 36:24 were not a problem to the jewish but they were a problem to some christian fundementalist.

So I guess the question to you is mule, donkey and horse all the same "kind" or not?

Miyn says they are not the same "kind" what say you.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.