I saw the movie the "Silence of the Lambs" ... what methinks we have here is the silence of the hypocrites.

Come on now Philege. Won't you stand up and defend the intentional, wanton, and senseless act of killing newborn children? Or the creation of every disease in the universe? Surely, as a true believer, you can do it. Don't be shy now ... surely it is your calling as defender of the faith.

Okay Mr. Morgan, I will defend the faith. What is the common denominator in both the events you write about. In both cases the people who incurred the wrath of the Almighty were warned again and again of the consequences of disobedience to the Word of God. They chose to defy Our Heavenly Father and received just punishment. This is the Creator we are speaking about. If you create something that becomes worthless to you what do you do. God created us for His purpose not for our own. Therefore if He wants us to do anything, I mean anything, we are obliged to do this. To understand why things are this way we must go back to the beginning. Man was under sentence of death due to Adam and Eve's disobedience, but God sought a way for us back to Him. The earth and everything in it was divorced from the heavenly realms due to Adam and Eve. Now to understand who causes the destruction and death on earth we must understand who is ruling the earth. Remember when satan took Jesus to the top of a High mountain and showed him all the kingdoms. He claimed that he would give all these to Jesus if He bowed down and worshipped him. Satan claimed that the earth was under his control. So now you can see who is the destroyer of men, giving God all the blame. But God will restore and can restore everything once the devil and his angels have had all their chance to prove they can rule this earth better than God. Then the day of Judgment will come, and those who have continually proved to be worthless will get their reward. Pharoah of Egypt chose to defy God, therefore he is to blame not God. If he had rightly let God's people go, nothing would have happened to him. He chose to kneel before stone idols and cry for help to them. No can you Mr. Morgan deny that when you do something wrong it affects you. If you deny that then you are a liar, inherently all men know deep inside what is wrong and what is right, and they know they have a choice, and they know that the choice has consequences, either favorable or not favorable. It is like the law of men. You know it is wrong to be a pedophile, or a thief or a murderer. If you commit these acts what do you expect to happen to you. It is no different with the Laws of God.