Mysteron, I'm serious about the "Jeopardy" comment. Countless times, I've had guests over and, as soon as they see Alex Trebek, they've gotta go!

Here's a little "Jeopardy" story from July, 2004 - An Engineer colleague and I were on a remote Island Group (I live in American Samoa) to do some Building Evaluations. We were staying at the only accomodations on the island, a B&B kind of thing. The only other guests were a pair of Marine Biologists who were doing a study of the Coral Reefs there. One had a Phd, the other was a Phd candidate. My Engineer partner has a Masters. The TV up there only receives one signal, a station that carries Jeopardy - a captive audience. It was great. I nailed around 90% of the Q's, including all three Bonus Q's and "Final Jeopardy", about average. The others got 5 between them.

As a much younger man, back in 1971, I spent some time at the Yirakalla Aboriginal Reserve in the Northern Territory of Australia. Let me tell you, I, for one, couldn't pass an Aboriginal IQ Test.

My two grown children were also Mensa members. Their experience was very similar to mine - other M's you meet at "Socials" are nice, smart certainly, but overall, pretty boring. They've led interesting lives; for example, when they were 13 1nd 15 respectively, I took them on a three month Mountain Bike Trip down the Yucatan Peninsula. The kids have also let their meberships lapse - too smart to shell out $40/year for a Newsletter.