Gardener developed a theory of multi component intellegence. Perhaps its best to avoid having a single number rating as a human being.

Gardener, H., (1983). Frames of the mind: The theory of multiple intellegence. New York:Basic Books.

Gardener?s Seven Styles of Learning:

A. Linguistic Learner
1)Strong memorization skills.
2)Processes information by saying, hearing and seeing words.

B. Logical/Mathematical Learner
1)Strong in math, reasoning, logic, and problem solving.
2)Processes information by categorizing, classifying, and working with abstract patterns.

C. Spatial Learner
1)Strong with imagination, sensitive to changes, mazes, puzzles, reading
2)Processes information by visualizing and using pictorial images.

D. Musical Learner
1)Strengths lie in picking up sounds, remembering melodies, sensitive to pitch and rhythms.
2)Processes information by using rhythms, melodies and music.

E. Body/Kinesthetic Learner
1)Strengths lie in tactile behaviors.
2)Processes information through body movements and tactile behaviors.

F. Interpersonal Learner
1)Strong leadership style, good empathy skills, good conflict resolution skills, and strong communication skills.
2)Processes information by accessing others, sharing ideas and comparing informational feedback from others.

G. Intrapersonal Learner
1)Strengths lie in understanding self, internalization of thoughts autonomously driven.
2)Processes information by individualizing projects, self pacing instruction and private work environment.

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