My IQ hasn't been tested since early grade school. I am 66 years old so that is quite a ways back. I do remember being somewhere in the top third on that test.

I never finished second year high school, and that second year was a joke anyway. I got shafted by the Chicago school system and ended up in one of their dumping ground schools instead of Lane Tech where I went for my first year. Seems that an over the summer move by my mother put me one block outside of their area and in the area for Crane Tech. By the time I found out that I couldn't go to Lane it was too late to register for Crane and get my classes.

Anyway, I managed to work in some machine shop and high tech areas and have become proficient enough to be an engineer with a 15 million company with plants and warehouses in five states. And that after running my own industrial engineering and repair business for 25 years.

I have always been a heavy reader of technical material. I read several science and engineering magazines monthly. And I don't mean popular mechanics or discover. In fact I don't even read Scientific American much anymore since they dumbed down to appeal to the common market.

I also do things like solve the Jumble puzzles in the paper as fast as I can write them; they are not really a challenge. I do the new york times crossword puzzle in pen and you can read it when I am done.

So, I do not know what my IQ level is and I am not so sure it matters in the real world. I do know that I have solved engineering problems without a formal education that professional engineers with the sheep skin have failed to solve.
People don't care what you have done
People won't remember what you have said
But they will never forget how you made them feel