Well Rob, if you carry on trying to boost your IQ...

- How is he trying to boost his IQ?

...you may...

- Oh, so I take it he may not.

...find yourself getting stupider by the minute...

- What? Actually by the minute. What doesn't happen by the minute, or fraction of a minute? Or are you saying that he ratches up another couple of IQ points loss on the minute, every minute?

...Try it and see, you're half way there already.

- If he is half way there already, then obviously he has already tried it. Whatever IT is. And halfway to what? Oh, you mean halfway to getting supider by the minute - so he hasn't as yet become any more stupid - he still has another half to go, of doing whatever it is that he's doing - and then the stupidness will start to kick in.

Rob, I don't know what it is you are doing to boost your IQ, but you need to stop it now, because once you hit the point where your IQ starts to reduce, it's going to happen pretty quickly by the looks of it - by the minute. If we surmise that the loss will run at one point a minute, within a couple of hours you could be down to the IQ of a dog and if you're stupid enough to persist, (which I presume you now will be), you will rapidly progress to the point where you literally have no IQ.

But that won't be all bad. You too will be able to compose statements like this:

'Well Rob, if you carry on trying to boost your IQ, you may find yourself getting stupider by the minute. Try it and see, you're half way there already.'

Philege, try to stop insulting people. You do it often and it says more about you than the person you insult. I presume you are still young, and you will hopefully learn that there are better ways to communicate.