Dan - Well, it wasn't the best foot to get off on but after reading as many posts as I have and seeing how people are sometimes talked down to with barely concealed contempt, (and I am not talking about people talking down to me), I am even more convinced that knowledge, (whilst positive and essential), can have a detrimental effect upon some people?s ability to relate with others, if they do not approach it with humility.

As for needing psychiatric help - I live a very stable life, am a married Father with a beautiful, well balanced daughter (who has a secure and confident personality). I hold down a challenging job and have a good social life. So quite balanced and stable in that area.

I can be impulsive at times and I get passionate about stuff (no bad thing) and this is the first proper forum I have bothered to post in, so forgive me for taking a little time to learn the etiquette.

I was upset at first when I came here. I had this idea of science types that was probably a little too romantic, and when I saw people trading insults in a way that I have not come into contact with in adult life, I felt angry - and responded negatively (of course my feelings were further impacted by the sheer amount of religion bashing that was going on - I am not used to that - if you actually knew me you would know that I am actually quite moderate and do not go around pushing my views down people's throat, in fact far from it - so I don't encounter anything like the stuff here that I thought was almost tantamount to hatred).

I suppose the anonymity of forums contributed somewhat, and it didn't really feel like I was insulting anyone. I would never say anything like it in my natural social interactions.

When I came back to it in a more chilled out mood the next day I was embarrassed at what I had written, so I apologised.

I am not too small to admit to having the ability to behave like a child on occasion - most men do - and there is certainly a fair amount of it here.

I hope that explains why I do not need psychiatric help and I am certainly not schizophrenic, although I used to be a counsellor, counselling schizophrenic teenagers - the closest I have come to schizophrenia.

Also I have apologised on more than one occasion for my comments ? I have not seen another apology in this forum so far, although one or two are definitely due.

And I think I trust my stability, by other's assessment surrounding me, as well as my own.

Dan, you misunderstand me.