The conventional, current Christian belief is that "God" created the entire Universe. This is pretty big order, and in my opinion, ridiculous. The Old Testament does not claim that "God" created the Universe, just Earth. That is possible.

Conventional Darwinism is that life originated on Earth and all life forms came into being by natural evolution. We do not know that. This Darwinism is as self centered as was the Roman Catholic Church in 1600 AD.

I held an absolute belief, for 40 years, that UFOs are impossible. I could argue the subject all day long. All of this came to an end in April, 2001, when astronomer Tom Van Flandern presented - in my mind - absolute proof of artificial structures on Mars. (Go to My belief and argument went into the waste basket.

I have not seen a UFO or had an encounter higher than the zeroth kind, but I must accept that UFOs are possible. Any reader, please tell me when in official human history did we go to Mars?

The possibility exists that we were "created" or designed or engineered by others. From our viewpoint they would appear to be gods. We could be a colony "seeded" for reasons not known to us.

Our history is truncated. Any reader, please show me official history records prior to about 4,000 BC.

Gregg Wilson