At the risk of incurring your wrath, do you honestly believe you know what the truth is?

I have an excellent magnet on the refrigerator in my garage that says:

'Believe in those who seek the truth. Beware those who claim to have found it'

As an instructor of non-major Biology I have taught a general form of evolution for the past 5 years and only recently was questioned by a collegue (not associated with the particular community college) about my views on intelligent design.

At first I was vehemently against such a suggestion as it struck close to my athiestic leanings. But since I have cooled down I have had to ask myself if it is at all possible that ID was the way things happened. And I have concluded that it is unknown, just like the roots of evolution.

So, in my next set of lectures I imagine I will allude to ID as a possibility but not one that will be concentrated on in this class and leave it at that.

Also, even though I espouse athiestic beliefs, I know when the **** hits the fan, deep in my soul it is very hard not to reach out for some sort of helping hand (imagined or not).

In sum, I'm on your side of this discussion, but without the phlegm.