I do not know my IQ and I am not interested.

I find it no surprise that many of you know your IQ. Presumably this enables some of you to make up for your woefully inadequate lives. - 'Ah, I may be socially inept and a complete freak who has a fixation with gathering knowledge to help feel superior, but screw you - my IQ is 4000 you chimp.'

It is also very similar to the whole celebrity & media industry. You're special if you are beautiful and have the right things and wear the right clothes. Substitute IQ for image.

IQ is, for some, yet another form of snobery.

***I imagine it will be quite high as we are of an intelligent breed!*** -Point proven?

Taking an IQ test to rate yourself is a peculiar form of intellectual masterbation. I have always stayed away from that kind of prideful activity.