How old are you now? What career did you choose? Were you successful in it? Have you been disappointed, and had to change the direction? Sorry asking questions, but I am very interested, and it is impossible to get those answers without asking - unless you are a person of that high IQ.

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To answer your many questions. I am 48 years old. I chose accountancy and was very successful. Yes I have had to change direction due to circumstances in my home country of Zimbabwe. However, does success measure one's IQ? I don't think so, if you go to countries like India and Pakistan (Where incidentally the first computer virus was actually invented) there are geniuses walking naked in the streets, some of these guys have IQs so high that they even seem stupid. Even their eyes are squint and their feet pigeon toed! Yet they can perform marvels with their minds. Unfortunately, due to circumstances I grew up in an orphanage. The nuns who ran the school which was private refused to allow the government to remove me from the school and put me in a special institution for 'intelligent' children. I never used to study at all and would come first or second (If I chose to). Some years ago the UN was running a competition where they wanted the result of a formula which was left half done. This was circulated to all the schools throughout the world. My daughter came and showed me the formula, I took one look at it and told her the answer is equivalent to Pythagoras's theorem. She laughed at me. I then proved it to her by calculation. She still didn't believe me. Well nine months later we read in the newspaper, that some guy in the States after years of research and with a fat book full of calculations had arrived at the same answer. My daughter was bashful. There you have it, what took an mathematics Graduate two years to calculate, took me two hours to work out. Can you spot the difference?