A few points. On IQ I am a member of a society limited to the top 1% of IQ in the world. Like Al I once took the GRE aptitude test. I did not score as high as he did. I scored in the top 1% of college graduates in English skills and the top 14% in math. Since I had never been to college and indeed had dropped out of high school, this is not a bad score. I consistently score in the top 2 or 3 tenths of 1% of IQ in the world.

IQ does exist. There is a G factor. However, the situation is a bit more complex than that. Focusing on one area or another will make you less immediately effective in areas outside that. It takes time and effort to retrain from one area to another. So the multiple IQ model is both true and false. G can be applied to virtually all areas of human endeavor, however, people tend to specialize and develop one or the other.

Flynn is a rather brilliant man and quite a nice fellow. I E-Sponded with him while writing my section on race and IQ http://www.overalltech.net/huff/YIQRace.htm

He has recently developed a thesis which he calls reciprocal reinforcement which is probably the best model for explaining the difference in IQs between members of different cultural groups such as Whites and Blacks.

Uncle Al said, "Not a single scholarly refereed paper is to be had proposing Blacks as a group are *not* intellectually inferior by simple demonstration."

It is apparemt that he is not familiar with Dr. Flynn's work, or he is making a rather silly statement.

"The Bell Curve" itself does not support what Uncle Al said. While TBC with no evidence does suggest that the IQ difference is genetic, it also states that the difference is insignificant in terms of daily life. The IQ overlap between blacks and whites is so large that in any given situation where you are comparing a black to a white the possibility that the black will be more intelligent than the white is so large that to ignore it is insane.

Actually, the real scientific data available today more and more supports the idea that the measured difference between black and white IQ is environmental and not genetic.

You can read my paper posted above or read Dr. Flynn's book on the subject.

Another cultural factor promoting this difference between black and white IQ is discussed in my paper on husband murder in black society.

Al, as usual, shows no ability to rub two facts together and come up with an idea. As in all his posts, all he does is react in an emotional knee jerk fashion to the irritating silliness of the extremist left.

The extremist left is quite stupid, silly, and irritating, but that should not lead us to abandon fact based empirical evidence and just scream and shout.