There is a need for more tolerance on some topics. I am not a selected arbitrator here but such an appointment seems to be called, for some one to help.

I recall in my youth young men that were not as yet educated that had innate talents comprising much of geometry. They were pool sharks. I was a pool player trying to avoid being pool bait. The multiple angels and potential contortions of a sphere when propelled from ball to ball and cushion to ball would be enough to make Newton hesitate. A few of these friends of mind could take one glance at the layout and then execute the proper position from which to put the entire sequence into action. They had the potential for winning almost all the time but the field had ingredients that were beyond anticipation. Some balls are not perfect spheres, some cushions were more resilient than others and humidity might affect the resistance of the table cloth.

I do not think my competitors had the same IQ that I had to start with but they had intelligence which, because of where they applied it made them winners. I was a hustler of some merit but not up to their skills.

The point here is that being courteous may be more important than either innate intelligence or a high IQ. You may find that more thoughtful replies will enlarge your image. None of my business but I had nothing else to do.