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Did we scare off dr. Sarah?
I hope not (Mike Kremer)
By the way, what is effect on IQ of the fetus stage, vs the genetic makeup? Of the early childhood?

Intelligence, per se, is extremely difficult to define.
I am sure it has different aspirations, and different meanings in different societys.
Prehaps the ultimate definition of intelligence, is genetically 'locked up' in the genes of every different species, whether insect, animal or human.
That of procreating, producing, and keeping oneself alive,
whatever ones circumstances, inspite of drought
disease, or enemies within, or without, ad infinitum, is a desirable achievement.
Modern western society looks with favour upon the man who builds up a Company. The more Company's he builds, the more persons he employs, the more his intelligence is respected.
I would have difficulty in living upon a barren desert island, were I transported to one. Yet a few of us, just might be able to survive with care dilligence, and intelligence.
The average Negro is not a hard worker in a modern western society. The average Chinese is a very hard worker. The average Negro has aspirations to marry a white female, and often milks the system. The average Chinese, rairly ever milks the system, and never marrys anyone darker skinned than themselves, for they are determined to integrate, to fit in. And yet the average black has an almost idyllic, 'laze-along' (from his point of view) life within our society, respected for his musical talents and often physical prowess. Gold bling, and a large car, announce to his mates, that he has made it. We require the golf club, membership cards, and the mansion, as our announcement.
Does it take a different kind of intelligence, to be one of the above, without becoming a 'drop-out'?
Many clever people 'drop out' in our society upon reaching middle age. For reasons best known to themselves?
Having a high IQ and a respected member of Mensa has little meaning in other parts of the world. Unless the IQ test was tailored to fit that particular society in general.
A child of ten, brought up reading books of Mensa tests and puzzles, will score an enormously high IQ when tested at this young age.
Some people of a different genetic disposition, 'drop out' when placed in our society, and only recover when placed back to live in their 'home' society. Why is that?
Prehaps hundreds of years of adapting to life, in their natural enviroment, and living it in the manner best suited to themselves, has an influence upon innate intelligence?
Prehaps its those people who have learn't to live their lives without attracting attention, who always keep a low profile, who are the real super intelligencia of a future society?

"You will never find a real Human being - Even in a mirror." ....Mike Kremer.