I held an absolute belief, for 40 years, that UFOs are impossible. I could argue the subject all day long. All of this came to an end in April, 2001, when astronomer Tom Van Flandern presented - in my mind - absolute proof of artificial structures on Mars. (Go to www.metaresearch.org). My belief and argument went into the waste basket.

I have not seen a UFO or had an encounter higher than the zeroth kind, but I must accept that UFOs are possible. Any reader, please tell me when in official human history did we go to Mars?

I have had encounters with aliens, and yet I still believe in God. Because even aliens were created by Him. If you read one of my earlier postings where there was a discussion on aliens I gave details about these encounters. In ancient times people mistook these for what we refer today to as angels. All other planets and habitations in the universe are in the spiritual realm of heaven. The earth has been removed from this realm and isolated till the end of time. Mars appears to us to be uninhabited, but on another dimension it is a vibrant planet full of life and much mor advanced than us. They live in accordance with the Laws of God and enjoy perfect harmony in Gods order of things. Read Jesus parable about Lazarus. When the wicked man was burning in Hell he asked Abraham if he could allow him to visit his relatives alive on earth to warn them that hell does exist. Abraham told him that there is a gulf between Heaven and the earth which cannot be breached.