I.Q. was meant to be Mental age divided by physical age and so was meant to be a measure of the speed at which we learned. Obviously that also requires opportunity, and a lack of opportunity will throw off the results.

Genius on the other hand is the ability to see the connections when others don't. Of couse that is similar to the definition of insanity, which is what many of us plead.

As I posted elsewhere we have been breeding for book learning and math intelligence for a relatively short time. China has been doing it for about 2000 years, Europe for about 500, and African only in the last 100 years. On the other hand, China stopped breeding for physical ability 2000 years ago, Europe 500 years ago, and Africa is still celebrating the runner/hunter. Come to the States and see our hybrids.

The mechanism of breeding is simple. Women who want to be mothers consider the ability of the suitors to be able to provide for their families. Those at the low end of society will pick men with potential upward mobility.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, a peasant would choose a large strong man who might succeed in battle and be made a knight. In China, a fast learning young man might be invited to go to school to become a scribe. They would both be considered very eligible by all the pretty girls.

That the native African is not smart, I don't believe. He has been trained for a different kind of learning. That the NBA is 80% black has nothing to do with racism, it has everything to do with 2000 + years of breeding.