Dear Philege:

You really do need to get into contact with reality.

Your entity, according to your beliefs, killed every person on an entire planet save one family, many of those drowned innocent just born infants. Then for an encore slaughtered every male in an entire country, innocent as well as guilty. And then, to get its sick pleasure, it invented painful diseases like AIDS, malaria, leukemia, and bone cancer. Summing it all up in a book in which it boasts of its evil and sadistic behaviours.

What Philege would be the punishment we, as a civilized society, would visit upon one of our own that did such things? A trial at The Hague? Conviction? :ife in prison without possibility of parole or probation? I think so. Though personally, should we ever catch the deceitful genocidal maniac, I would not only suport the death penalty ... I would personally stand up and volunteer to carry it out.

So help me out here Philege ... in warning me ... are you throwing your lot in with the biggest master of sadism and genocide known to the entire universe? Seems that way to me.
DA Morgan