DoctorStrange, how you indulge!

I think Sparky has a great response to your issue but there is going to be controversy. From my stand point it only takes a 25 IQ to know that I would look like holy hell in spandex.

I will give some information you probably do not want or need. I grew up under happy circumstances that were not conditioned to better education. What I had was very good but I was a drop out in the 10th grade of high school and never had an IQ test that I can recall until I went into the Army. I am aware your POST was likely motivated by your pride of having a 169 IQ and then letting us know Albert Einstien had an IQ of 200, close I suppose to yours?

Over the years I have taken a number of IQ tests and I have always wondered how society can lump all catagories of people into such yests. Pasty has hit the point on the ability to leanr as a criteria but that is less than the tip of the iceberg. Learning itself improves the ability to learn, education provides the basis to grasp the meaniong of words, the feeling knowledge has for words depictions- like what is Sheakspere saying with his mumble jumble, in short extremely concise depictions of emotions and actions.

Being a high school drop out I feel keenly about this. Every IQ test I have had, starting from 120 entering the Army has gone up ever since. The end result is not germain - the point is that, in my opinion, the ability to learn is a factor but the excercise of learning makes a powerful addition.

Congratulations on your 169.