DKV: "Going to the Moon isnt easy if you wish to carry the baggage of Desires."

REP: DKV, you must realise that you are communicating with people who think in a Western Paradigm. We do not talk about scientific endeavour in terms of poetry and will simply not understand you if you continue to do so.

I find it very frustrating to read anything you post. The problem is that you use poetic language, which is fine for literature, but is way too obscure for conversations where you are trying to explore and reach conclusions. You can only communicate about such things by defining terms as precisely as you can. That is the beauty of language. The versatility of language is such that in its poetic form it can evoke a variety of feelings, meanings etc. from a few words strung together. But that is good only for poetry and literature. Dreamspeak is no good for reality.

Justine can make sense of what you say only because it is so very obscure. If I really wanted to, I could read things into it - as I can with the writings of Nostradamus. But its like art - sometimes its about what the viewer sees and not what the artist meant.

If you wish to engage with us and for people to engage with you, you must communicate in a more precise manner.

If not then we will continue to read all sorts of madness into your words - while Justine will see profound answers to life's great questions, and others will maybe just enjoy your poetry.