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Richard, I have to agree with Daniel here. I'm not saying that there isn't scientific fraud and that the blogger is wrong. But until the results are retracted by the scientific journals in which the results have been published, we cannot just assume that some blogger posting comments is correct.
so you will not believe it untill a group of egotisital eggheads paid to prove a point admit that they "adjusted" the data to prove it AND they get a journal that is paid to pass on threatening information because that is the type that sells subscription agrees to publish the info that there is no danger. Untill these happen, you will not trust your own eyes to look at the data itself?
Dehammer, if you really believe what you wrote then can prove your point by following Alan Sokal\'s example. Just emulate what you think climate scientists are doing. So, take some data and doctor/manipulate it so that it confirms global warming (instead of doing bona fide data analysis). Write up an article and send it for peer review to a leading journal. You can put below your name that you work for NASA or some other institution, they usually don't do background checks to verify your affiliation.

If your article is accepted for publication you will have proven that it is easy to publish bogus research in peer reviewed journal. It still won't prove that most of the published research is bogus...