So now lets see if you get it, answer the question how do you kill a yellow elephant?

I would define a living elephant of my choice as being a yellow elephant.

then I would later define that all living yellow elephant's are dead.

by definition I would have killed a yellow elephant.

however , in reality I would have killed nothing.

So my answer to you is I could never prove there is no god

you could have stopped there and been correct.

but you didnt.

you went on to say that you couldnt prove that there is no God
because of some trivial thing.

to you Paul because your human subjectivity will not allow me to do so.

so your proof would be trivial if you had any.

You think I am joking here take the hard discipline of mathematics you would think everything is well defined you would think there is no room for human subjectiveness ... right?

math cannot equally divide 1 by 3.

it would end up with a number like .333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

and would never equal 1 again by multiplying by 3

no matter how far out you carry the number , it could become as long as the universe is wide and still will never equal 1 again.

in fact that number could be infinite.
but its just a number.

just like the definition of a word is a close proximation of
an attempt to describe a word.

even though it is close that doesn't mean it is correct.

You are wrong and would lose badly why because they are DEFINED as such.

sorry , I'm not wrong.

mass can never be finite.

because it also has energy.

and the degree of energy that mass contains changes.

therefore if mass can never be finite then our universe can never be finite.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.